Welcome to Teddi Howard, LLC.  We currently provide back-office accounting and management services for Condominium and Homeowner Associations that are self-managed, have on-site managers or work with an outside management company.  These services are necessary time-consuming operations that keep the Board of Directors current on the status of the Association’s financial situation.  We also offer individual and business services to our clients.

We are dedicated to our clients and provide the highest quality services and support to individuals and associations alike because we understand the details required to implement their success.

We provide service through strict guidelines set forth by the Florida Statutes and Code of Ethics. We understand that each association or business is responsible to maintain a fiscal budget. We also provide all bookkeeping and financial reports through our Accounting department. This ensures that we maintain efficient focus on the association’s needs.

We feel our management company should be skilled in the specialty of accounting and not have to outsource these services. We believe the more management can see of the big picture the more integrated and high class services we can provide to our clients. This allows quicker responses and more efficient procedures.  There is no need to hire separate professionals, we do it all.

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About Us

Teddi Howard, LLC

We are an accounting firm that offers Community Association Management (CAM) services in addition to professional accounting services.  We provide individualized services based on a detailed review of the your needs with the highest quality service you can afford.

What makes us unique is that we provide both accounting and CAM services to Associations, individuals and small businesses.  Our free initial consultation guarantees you are provided a service tailor-made for your association, your business and/or yourself at a reasonable price.

Our services include the management and accounting of the following:

Condominium Associations

Homeowners’ Associations


Mobile Home Parks




Contact Us


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Teddi Howard, LLC

Thea Simmons, LCAM



Phone: 813-502-3800


Email: info@teddihoward.com

Website: www.teddihoward.com

We are motivated to provide the highest quality community association management and accounting services to fit your specific needs. Please allow us the opportunity to provide the service that will best fit your requirements and budget. Our office is centrally located in Tampa, Florida and we service all of Tampa Bay and Pinellas County, Florida. We are available to go on-site to discuss our proposals upon request.


Teddi Howard, LLC

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