Association Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________


City:______________________________________ State _______  Zip __________________________

Contact Person: _________________________________ Telephone No. ________________________


What service(s) is the Association interested in contracting?

(     )  Basic Plan (A/P, A/R, Collections, Financials)

(     ) Payroll Services (# of employees: __________)

(     ) Bundle (Basic Plan and Payroll Services)



The Association (     ) is (    ) is not a legally phased Association.



The Association consists of _________ units in _______ legal phases.



Does the Association prepare its own annual budget?  (     ) YES      (     )  NO



Is the Association currently a party in any type of litigation or public administrative action (including any violations of any environment or public health statutes and laws or current environmental or public health litigation or administrative action)?  (     ) YES      (     ) NO.   If YES, describe the nature of the litigation or public action. _____________________________________________________________________________________



How is title to the units held?   ______ Fee Simple   _____ Leasehold


Are there any leased recreational facilities, storage spaces or any common area leases?  (    ) YES

(    ) NO.  If YES, please explain ______________________________________________________________________________


Do the Association documents allow the units to be leased or rented for less than a 30-day period?

(    ) YES  (    ) NO


The Association’s fiscal year is from ________________ to ________________(Month/Year)


The unit assessment/common charges for all units are:  (     ) The same, the assessment is $ _________________________ per month.     (     ) Not the same, the assessments range from $_________________ to $ _________________ per month.  What is the amount of the Association’s late fee, if applicable.


Are there any Special Assessments now approved, or have there been any in the past two years?

(     ) YES   (    ) NO.  If YES, describe the nature / purpose, the total amount, and the per unit charge.

Nature / Purpose of assessment: __________________ _____________________________________.  Total amount of assessment: $______________.   Per unit charge: $___________.


Indicate if the Association is: (     )  Self-Managed, or (    ) Managed by a management firm.


If a management firm manages the association, is it related to the developer?   (    ) YES (    ) NO.  If YES, describe the nature of the relationship:____________________________________________________



Company Name:_______________________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________

Telephone #:______________________________________________


What is the contact information for the Association’s property manager?


Title: _______________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________

Telephone #:_______________________